"What is Ku?"
Ku is a brand established in 1991 in Los Angeles. We took our brand name "Ku" from the essential principal of Buddhism.

In Japanese, this is stated as


SHIKI (色) is the material world and KU (空) is the spiritual world.
The principal states that the two worlds are the same thing and can not be separated.
Our clothing concept is taken from this principal.
We don't get caught up in trends, nor do we follow trends.
We just naturally turn our ideas into garment form. Our clothes are a message for the future.
Enlightenment is the core of our theme. Humans are the core reason of what we do.
Clothing as a tribute to the perfected human, with a mind of his own.
There is a meaning to every single fabric and design in Ku Style.
These meanings reach the mind of those who wear Ku.

Helping them to become sublime!

Ku contemplates against materialism.  Clothing with no meaning is just a material item.  Fashion is simply an element which compliments Human’s beauty.  A meaning is needed in the process, for practical clothing to become independent fashion.
Contemplate the MEANING to create…….is what Ku does.

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