Paper Craft Tiger - Medium

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Hariko-No-Tora-Paper Mache Tiger from Japan

- Size Medium: Approx. 43 cm (length) X 27 cm (height)
(height indicated up to the body - don't include the tail part)

- Hariko-no-tora is a tiger doll whose head swings when touched by a finger.

The wobbly tiger from Japan has always been more than an ordinary paper tiger. It used to be a popular children's toy. Later it also conquered the hearts and homes of adults - the tiger became increasingly popular as an exclusive decorative element.

The elaborate manufacturing process makes it exclusive. The small works of art are created in the paper mache workshop of our master Tadashi Takehisa. In his workshop he concentrates the knowledge of many generations. The production is not for young hands - Master Takehisa relies on employees who all already have grandchildren. And these grandchildren are always amazed at how stable the Hariko-no-toras are: you can even sit on them without them breaking.

The characteristic whiskers of the Hariko-no-tora and a colorful hand-painting complete the craftsmanship. The individual and cheerful lucky charms are ready.


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